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Announcing the Winners of
The Y.O. Design Lab Awards 2023 

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The Y.O. Design Lab Awards 2023 is proud to announce the winners of this year's prestigious competition. With 217 submissions from countries such as the US, China, Canada, the UK, Italy, Germany, Romania, India, Japan, Korea, Mexico, and South Africa, we celebrate unique cultures and backgrounds, as well as excellence in design and innovation, recognizing the most talented designers and studios from around the world. This year's competition received an overwhelming response, with submissions from some of the brightest minds in the industry. After a rigorous judging process, the jury has selected the most exceptional designs that embody the spirit of creativity, passion, and innovation. 




Light Stream

Kaijie Chen

Light Stream captures the essence of the digital age, where information is at our fingertips and data is constantly flowing. Its flowy, linear patterns echo the dynamic motion of data as it courses through the circuits of the modern world. Like streams of light racing down a darkened highway, the vivid yellows, blues, and oranges streaking across its surface are a testament to the fast-paced nature of our constantly evolving world. It's like a moment captured in long-exposure photography, revealing the intricacies of the world around us through the condensed display of time and information. The designs for each blade side are unique.



Emily Reed




Rafael Morris



[Mock-up] Icy +2D + Left.png
[Mock-up] gliiiittttchhhh + 2D + Left.png
[Mock-up] kaleidoscope + 2D + Left.png
[Mock-up] Icy +2D + Left.png
[Mock-up] PAC MAN+ 2D + Left.png

Benedikta Takahiro


Amanda Scott

Emily Wright

Fade into Darkness

Pac Man

Special Awards

Key visual of Y.O. Design Lab Awards
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XEV born for change white.png

XEV is an electric vehicle technology company founded in 2018. XEV believes in making technology work for people around the world and we thrive on being innovative and Inclusive. The distinctive Italian style combined with cutting-edge technology gives the users maximum freedom of movement and expression. XEV Y.O. Design Lab focuses on collaborating with artists worldwide to develop customizable designs for XEV YOYO.

Open Call Introduction: 
Let the current of creativity pass through every aspect of modern living.

You've probably seen art displays on underground subway trains, but you've certainly not seen an automotive brand that turns a vehicle into a moving art gallery like XEV.

The XEV YOYO is an electric car with a highly customizable exterior part called the Side Blade. Thanks to 3D printing and water transfer printing technologies, we can print your artwork onto the side blade and turn the YOYO into your own personal art show that’s visible to all who pass by. 

Learn More About XEV YOYO


Categories And The Grand Prizes

3D Modeling

Including but not limited to Embossed Design, 3d Texture Design, and 3D Modeling. The design must comply with the XEV Safety Specifications.

One 1st Prize


Two 2nd Prizes


Three 3rd Prizes


2D Graphic

Including but not limited to Graphic Design, Illustration, Graffiti, Painting, and Typography. Photography is not preferred.

One 1st Prize


Two 2nd Prizes


Three 3rd Prizes


Both categories accept designs in CMYK colors.
What You'll Upload:

Your Project Files

For 2D Design, please upload .ai, .svg, .eps files. For 3D Design, please upload .stp files only.

Concept Description

In 50-100 words, tell us about your design concept and what inspired you.

Design Mock-up

Please use the .psd template provided to see the overall effect of your design on XEV YOYO.

Video of Creative Journey

Optional. The entry fee will be refunded if we would like to feature your video for marketing purposes.


Participants are asked to use the template and comply with the guidelines.

Benefits for Winners and Nominees

We provide high-quality exposure opportunities for winners to be recognized

 so that you and your work can shine on various platforms. View more details here.

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Frame 19.jpg
Frame 20.jpg
Frame 21.jpg

Special Awards

Hover to see the descriptions

The Best Colors


The power of color is beyond imagination. Colors can create worlds full of wonder, mysteries and energy. This goes to the artist who has the best use of colors.

The Finest Modeling


When imagination breaks the 2D dimension and is infused with ingenuity, it will turn into a masterpiece. This goes to the artist who has the most craftmanship in the 3D modeling.

The Best Street Style


When driving YOYO in the cities, it can always take you to discovering interesting corners hidden in the streets and alleys. This goes to the artist who best expresses street culture in the design.

The above Special Awards are independent of the Grand Prizes and will be selected by the same group of jury.

The final interpretation right belongs to XEV.

Great creativity is always full of unconventional ideas and visions. This is for artist who has demonstrated the best creative idea in the design.

The Most Creative


The public's choice won't lie.

This goes to the artist who gets the highest vote during the Public Selection.

The Most Popular


The story behind the works is what really touches people's heart. This goes to the artist who made the best video documentation of their creative process.

The Best Story Telling


The launch of YOYO broke the stereotype of what EV car could be like. This goes to the artist who dare to create something bold and unexpected.

The Boldest




Open Call Started


Public Selection

23:59 EST, 02.25.2023

Submission Deadline  (Entry Fee: $30/entry*)


Winner Announcement

*Pre-tax. And by uploading a video of your creative process, the entry fee can be waived if we would like to feature your video on social media.

Notify me of next year's awards

Thanks for signing up!

Meet The Jury

Lou Tik

pic of stanley.png

Founder & CEO of XEV

Bernadette Carr


Creative Director/Principal of BCarr Design

​Adva Yogev


Interior Design Director of XEV

Xiaofan Jiang

IMG_4386 2_edited.jpg

Founder of Underground Art And Design

Ian Gray


Exterior Design Director of XEV

Alifiya Mutaher


Design Researcher & Cultural Entrepreneur

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I submit my works?
    Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to fill out the submission form.
  • What type of works do we publish?
    Underground accepts submissions in a text-only format as well as a text-and-media format that are: Original: You can only submit works and concepts of your own. To report a case of plagiarism, please email Change-provoking: Projects that have or could have a positive impact on our audiences and society. In-depth: We love to learn about your research and insights, your ideation process, your approach and methods, your positionality, your challenges, and the impact of the projects. Authentic: Be true about your research, process, and outcome. Respectful for Others' Works: Please give credits to everyone you've worked with and share references and links of your inspirations and sources! Non-commercial: Content that is not aiming to sell anything.
  • Who can publish on Underground?
    Underground is a media platform aiming to uplift emerging artists and designers, including but not limited to: College Students Artists and designers who are 0-4 years past graduation Artists and designers with less than 4 years of industry experience
  • What is the rest of the submission process?
    If we think that your work is a great fit for Underground, we'll get in touch with you within one week. The following process depends on your submission. We'll let you know about any edits we would like to make to your submission. Please note that the edits might be (but are not limited to): Grammar Corrections The title and description to match our editorial style guide (especially changing it to a third-person narrative) Removing promotional links and ads Adding an artist bio (if provided) at the bottom of the post We'll send you an invite to preview the post 48 hours prior to publishing your work. Meanwhile, we can give you the access as a guest writer so that you may update your work and make edits in the future (All changes will be reviewed).
  • How can I share my works on social media?
    We encourage our contributors to share their works on social media. Therefore, for every published works, you can generate and download posters for sharing. Simply click on the share button and click "Get Poster".
  • How can I get featured on the "Weekly Highlights"?
    Each week, our editors will pick 7 of the best works to be displayed at top of the home page based on the following criteria: The depth of the idea behind the work The potential impact of the work The level of creativity The visual quality of the work If your work is selected to be featured, you will also get a digital badge from us to honor your work.
  • Is it free to publish my works?
    It is free to submit your work. There might be an editorial fee of $30 if your work requires extensive writing, editing or revision. For example, if you require an in-depth interview with an editor or need additional guidance during the writing and editing process, this may incur the $30 editorial fee.
  • I have a project which I want to publish, but I need assistance in the writing/ it's in a different language. What can I do?
    Please follow the submission guidelines on our submission FAQ page and send us the images and a short English description. If our editors like your project, we'll offer you a publishing service with a charge depending on the work.
  • Can I publish works in progress?
    Of course! We welcome unfinished projects. Please submit your project via the form and our editor will reach out to you to learn more about your future work! If you're interested doing a text-based interview, our editorial teams will send you some interview questions, and we’ll quote your responses in the stories as well.
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Let the current of creativity pass through every aspect of modern living.

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