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Exhibition open calls, artist grants, job opportunities, and other info that would benefit emerging artists and designers.

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Support Our Newsletter

UAAD Newsletter will always be open source and free of charge for our subscribers. Here are a few ways you can support our course in helping emerging artists and designers receive a handful of opportunities:

Make A Small Donation

Send a one-time donation through our gofundme page. The suggested amount is $5-50 per year. This will help us maintain our website and newsletter, as well as become part of the fund to help emerging artists and designers through future non-profit programs.

Submit Opportunities

Submissions for jobs and calls (fellowships, grants, residencies, calls for publication, etc.) for 1 week are free. If you'd like to display them for between 2 weeks to 8 weeks, we will request a donation of around $20-100 (depending on your ability to donate). But we won't turn down or accept a listing based on the donation ability.

Purchase An Ad

Each week we have room for one or two short text classified ads. These appear at the center of the newsletter, which is below the artist opportunities, and above the featured articles in the newsletter. Displaying your ad for one week is $50 (text only) and $100 (text + image).

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