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About The Exhibition

Ties That Cannot Be Unbound is calling for artists who explore themes such as but not limited to kinship, multispecies, interconnectedness and intersectionality, the artistic and cultural values of nature, queerness, environmental and social justice, mythologies, ancestral knowledge and memory, and indigeneity. 


Ties That Cannot Be Unbound questions and reconstructs our relations to material objects and all life forms on Earth. The curatorial project will look at concepts, approaches, and praxes to reconcile and repair our relationship with the othered, exploited, abused, commercialized, fetishized, and colonized. All media and styles are welcome, including born-digital artifacts alongside digitized works of traditional media. 


The virtual exhibition will create spaces for critical discourse, engage a multigenerational and international group of artists, and bring the viewers a truly immersive, sensorial experience curated with love, care, and respect for the artists as well as the land. Selected artists can also be featured in UAAD’s online magazine as well as in press releases on major news sites.

About The Organizer And Gallery Partner

Underground Art And Design was founded in October 2022 as an international media platform focused on empowering talented, change-provoking, and forward-thinking artists and designers through accessible information, resources, and a platform to show themselves. UAAD envisions a community of support, across disciplines and time zones, to bring inspiration, innovation, and provocation to the world we live in. 


Our gallery partner is New Art City, an online multiplayer exhibition space for digital art and performance. New Art City is an artist-run organization dedicated to supporting artists, providing virtual space for those who are denied physical space, and amplifying the work of those who face systemic injustice. You can find their work at

The Jury Panel

The exhibiting artists are reviewed and determined by the following committee of jury.


Zhi Ye

New Media Artist, Founder of UAAD

New Media Artist,

Founder of Mixanthropy

PhD Candidate in Curatorial Practice, KCL

Artist, Curator,

Designer at Code and Theory

Illustrator and Animator

Exhibition Period: March 25 2023 - June 30 2023
Deadline: March 15th, 2023 (on a rolling basis).

All submissions will be considered for other opportunities, such as our online magazine feature and future group shows.


Submit your work for review

If you have any issues submitting the form, please email your submission to

Thanks for submitting!

Open Call Visual Design Credit: Yiou Wang, Fangyi Yang

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