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Underground Art And Design LLC

A Creative Studio   |   An Artist-Run Organization

Redefining the Fusion of Art, Design, Technology, Culture, and the Commercial.

Inspire. Empower. Transform.

Underground Art and Design (UAAD) was established in October 2022 in New York City and serves as both an artist-led organization and a creative studio. Our online platform has garnered viewership from 103 countries.

As an art organization, we have successfully curated various physical and immersive virtual exhibitions, notably "Ties That Cannot Be Unbound" and "Alt-Alterity," and co-hosted AAAAH! Weekend three times in New York City, celebrating Asian art and design brands and small businesses.

Our collaborative efforts have resulted in partnerships with notable clients such as XEV, SuperElle, Cosmo Magazine, Shanghai Media Group, Arcplus Group PLC, and Gary Porter Creative, showcasing our ability to deliver projects that resonate across diverse audiences. UAAD stands as a testament to the power of art and design in fostering cultural dialogue and innovation, continually pushing the boundaries of creativity and collaboration.

Services We Provide

We serve not only artists and makers
but also visionary organizations and corporations. 


Branding — Brand Identity, IP Character/Mascot Design, Brand Strategy, Rebranding

Graphic Design — Social Media Content, Advertising, Digital Illustration, 3D Modeling, Iconography

User Experience Design — Website UI/UX, Mobile App UI/UX, 3D  Environment & UX Design for VR/AR

Motion Design — 2D/3D Animation, Video, Title, Presentation

Event Organization

Public Event — Talk, Seminar, Workshop, Game, Gathering, Live Performance, etc.

Curation — Virtual/ Physical, Group/ Solo Exhibition

Large Scale Event — Art Fair, International Competition (Award) 


"Underground By UAAD" — An Online Magazine Featuring Change-Provoking Artists Worldwide

UAAD Annual Publication — A Collection of Artist Interviews And Curated Works

Other Editorial Project — Research, Writing, Layout Design, Book Cover Design, Typography

Press Release — PR Writing, Distribution Across 400+ News Sites (Including Top U.S. News Sites)

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Let’s Work Together!

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