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Submit your work for review here! If you have problems regarding the submission, please email the information you've entered to!

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  • How do I submit my works?
    Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to fill out the submission form.
  • What type of works do we publish?
    Underground accepts submissions in a text-only format as well as a text-and-media format that are: Original: You can only submit works and concepts of your own. To report a case of plagiarism, please email Change-provoking: Projects that have or could have a positive impact on our audiences and society. In-depth: We love to learn about your research and insights, your ideation process, your approach and methods, your positionality, your challenges, and the impact of the projects. Authentic: Be true about your research, process, and outcome. Respectful for Others' Works: Please give credits to everyone you've worked with and share references and links of your inspirations and sources! Non-commercial: Content that is not aiming to sell anything.
  • Who can publish on Underground?
    Underground is a media platform aiming to uplift emerging artists and designers, including but not limited to: College Students Artists and designers who are 0-4 years past graduation Artists and designers with less than 4 years of industry experience
  • What is the rest of the submission process?
    If we think that your work is a great fit for Underground, we'll get in touch with you within one week. The following process depends on your submission. We'll let you know about any edits we would like to make to your submission. Please note that the edits might be (but are not limited to): Grammar Corrections The title and description to match our editorial style guide (especially changing it to a third-person narrative) Removing promotional links and ads Adding an artist bio (if provided) at the bottom of the post We'll send you an invite to preview the post 48 hours prior to publishing your work. Meanwhile, we can give you the access as a guest writer so that you may update your work and make edits in the future (All changes will be reviewed).
  • How can I share my works on social media?
    We encourage our contributors to share their works on social media. Therefore, for every published works, you can generate and download posters for sharing. Simply click on the share button and click "Get Poster".
  • How can I get featured on the "Weekly Highlights"?
    Each week, our editors will pick 7 of the best works to be displayed at top of the home page based on the following criteria: The depth of the idea behind the work The potential impact of the work The level of creativity The visual quality of the work If your work is selected to be featured, you will also get a digital badge from us to honor your work.
  • Is it free to publish my works?
    It is free to submit your work. There might be an editorial fee of $30 if your work requires extensive writing, editing or revision. For example, if you require an in-depth interview with an editor or need additional guidance during the writing and editing process, this may incur the $30 editorial fee.
  • I have a project which I want to publish, but I need assistance in the writing/ it's in a different language. What can I do?
    Please follow the submission guidelines on our submission FAQ page and send us the images and a short English description. If our editors like your project, we'll offer you a publishing service with a charge depending on the work.
  • Can I publish works in progress?
    Of course! We welcome unfinished projects. Please submit your project via the form and our editor will reach out to you to learn more about your future work! If you're interested doing a text-based interview, our editorial teams will send you some interview questions, and we’ll quote your responses in the stories as well.


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