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UAAD Annual Edition &
Immersive Virtual Exhibition

Apply before 23:59 EST, October 1st, 2023



Alterity [noun] : Alterity is a philosophical and anthropological term meaning “otherness”.

The theme for our annual edition and exhibition, Alt-Alterity, explores alternative perspectives on “alterity” or “otherness”, which exist beyond the scope of what might be considered familiar or known, yet constitute the underlying narrative of planet Earth.

The concept of "Alt-Alterity" serves as an innovative reimagining of the traditional notions of "otherness" and "difference." By integrating the prefix "Alt-"—short for "Alternative"—with "Alterity," the term reframes our conventional discourse, expanding its scope to include perspectives and experiences that transcend mainstream understanding. This inclusive conceptualization encompasses not only social, cultural, and gender-based variations but also a broad spectrum of non-human entities, ranging from microorganisms and flora to artificial intelligence and machinery.

Rather than merely focusing on conventional divisions like culture, gender, or social groups, "Alt-Alterity" also embraces a new paradigm of human-nature interactions and reevaluates the significance of non-human actors in this dialogue. This nuanced approach serves as a direct challenge to anthropocentrism, inviting us to redefine "otherness" in a way that elevates it from a passive, subjugated status to one of equal participation and positive engagement. Ultimately, "Alt-Alterity" aims to foster a more equitable, harmonious, and sustainable coexistence between diverse entities and communities.

The annual edition and the exhibition will be made up of two parts: artwork (artists) and crafts (vendors). For artists, all media and styles are welcome, including born-digital artifacts alongside digitized works of traditional media. For vendors, all categories are welcome as long as your crafts share a similar design vision or artistic voice that is eco-centric/ queer/ fluid/ avant-garde/ etc.

Exhibition Period: Dec 2023 - Feb 2024
Submission Deadline: 23:59 EST, Oct 1, 2023

All submissions will be considered for both the magazine feature and the group show.

Application Fee: $15 (USD)

Editorial & Exhibition Participation Fee: $80 per artist (USD)

(If selected, the application fee will be included in your total participation fee.)

Click "Apply Now" to pay the application fee. Once completed, you will be redirected to the submission form. 

For brands and organizations,

we offer a high-value $500 vendor package, including the following benefits:

  • 1x exclusive story (800-1000 words) of your brand/organization in our annual edition

  • 1x digital booth tailored to your visual style in our virtual exhibition space with links to your merchandise

  • UAAD Online Store Page (coming soon) for our audience to make seamless purchases of your products

  • Mentions of your brand in our influential press release across 200+ news sites.

Application Fee: $15 (USD)

(If selected, the application fee will be included in your total contribution fee.)

A 30% commission will apply to all sales made during the show, applicable when total sales surpass $500.

Click "Apply Now" to pay the application fee. Once completed, you will be redirected to the submission form. 

03.25.2023-06.30.2023 | Selected for 2023 Festival

Our lives are shaped by the ties that bind us to the world around us. These ties weave networks of relationships that make up our narratives and help us navigate the complexities of our planet. UAAD invites you to explore these connections with Ties That Cannot Be Unbound, an online exhibition that discusses the interconnectedness of spirituality and physicality, the blurred boundaries between the living and the non-living, and the ties between our bodies and the environment. Featuring outstanding works in sound, image, film, and interaction, this exhibition responds to the question: what kinds of ties are impossible to unbind? Join us on a journey of self-discovery and collective action towards a more sustainable and harmonious future. Curated by Xiaofan Jiang, Yiou Wang, Fangyi Yang, Zhi Ye, Triss Qian.

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