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Physical and Virtual Exhibition, Gala, Art Fair, Awards

Gala + Group Exhibition

Transcending Boundaries

08.20.2023 | Pearlona Common Room, Shanghai

Are the boundaries that define our world truly inherent, or are they constructs waiting to be challenged? As an artificial notion diverging from universal interconnectedness, can we transcend these boundaries and disentangle ourselves from those unquestioned restrictions? Transcending Boundaries is an immersive pop-up exhibition inviting emerging artists to challenge ingrained notions, breaking through perception, gender, culture, specie, space and time. Participating Artists: Kaijie Chen, Yawei Chen, Kelisi Smith, Yuchen Jiang, Xiaofan Jiang, Peng Ke, Green Lava, ShinySoso, Miner Zeng, Yilin Zhang, Fangyi Yang, Wei Wu, Xinyi Wu, Yiou Wang

Art Fair + Group Exhibition

AAAAH! Weekend

04.21.2023-04.22.2023 | 365 Broadway, SOHO, New York

AAAAH! Culture, UAAD and Blublu Art joined forces and presented AAAAH! Weekend. At AAAAH!, we leverage art, physical spaces, and community events to create immersive cultural experiences, bringing people together through the power of art and culture. We coexist, see, communicate, and express ourselves within these spaces, collectively creating and embracing our "present moment."

Group Exhibition

03.25.2023-06.30.2023 |

Our lives are shaped by the ties that bind us to the world around us. These ties weave networks of relationships that make up our narratives and help us navigate the complexities of our planet. UAAD invites you to explore these connections with Ties That Cannot Be Unbound, an online exhibition that discusses the interconnectedness of spirituality and physicality, the blurred boundaries between the living and the non-living, and the ties between our bodies and the environment. Featuring outstanding works in sound, image, film, and interaction, this exhibition responds to the question: what kinds of ties are impossible to unbind? Join us on a journey of self-discovery and collective action towards a more sustainable and harmonious future.