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Physical and Virtual Exhibition, Gala, Art Fair, Awards

Group Exhibition

12.16.2023-02.29.2024 |

”Alterity,“ from the Latin ”Alteritas,“ signifies the state of being other or different. The prefix ”Alt“ suggests ”alternative,“ one of the derivatives of ”Alterity.“ “Alt-Alterity” is a manifesto for the future of coexistence, a way of being in which the notion of “alterity” need not exist, prompting a departure from an anthropocentric perspective to one that values a comprehensive appreciation of planetary diversity and interconnectedness. From December 2023 to February 2024, Alt-Alterity features the creative voices of 26 groups of artists hailing from 13 countries. From the imagination of reversed realities and hybrid forms of existence to the exploration of marginal cultural expressions and the blurred boundaries of fluid identity, we will guide you through the following themes: ”Unsung Wisdom, Rebel Tech“, ”Ephemeral Cycles, Everlasting Collapses“, and ”Fluid Bodies, Blurred Boundaries.“ /Artists Aiping Xu, A.J. Cincotta-Eichenfield, Angela M Link, Bobby Zhaocheng Xiong, Chia-Hua Lee, Christie Lau, Betty Russ and Michael Donnelly, Fatima Al-Kuwari, Flavia Mazzanti, Ishraki Kazi, Joshua Carlos Barrera, Krithi Nalla, Ludovica Galleani d‘Aglian, Meiyi Jiang and Xiaoting Tan, Mehrdad Sedaghat Baghbani, Mingyong Cheng, Mo Nan, Shashwath Santosh, Symonne Liu, Tiange Wang and I-Yang Huang, Tianyun Jiang, Xinyuan Ma, Yimei Zheng, Yu Chen, Yuwen Huang, Yuqing Liang, Zhijun Song and Yalin Hu /Curators Xiaofan Jiang, Fangyi Yang

Gala + Group Exhibition

Transcending Boundaries

08.20.2023 | Pearlona Common Room, Shanghai

Are the boundaries that define our world truly inherent, or are they constructs waiting to be challenged? As an artificial notion diverging from universal interconnectedness, can we transcend these boundaries and disentangle ourselves from those unquestioned restrictions? Transcending Boundaries is an immersive pop-up exhibition inviting emerging artists to challenge ingrained notions, breaking through perception, gender, culture, specie, space and time. Participating Artists: Kaijie Chen, Yawei Chen, Kelisi Smith, Yuchen Jiang, Xiaofan Jiang, Peng Ke, Green Lava, ShinySoso, Miner Zeng, Yilin Zhang, Fangyi Yang, Wei Wu, Xinyi Wu, Yiou Wang

Art Fair + Group Exhibition

AAAAH! Weekend

04.21.2023-04.22.2023 | 365 Broadway, SOHO, New York

AAAAH! Culture, UAAD and Blublu Art joined forces and presented AAAAH! Weekend. At AAAAH!, we leverage art, physical spaces, and community events to create immersive cultural experiences, bringing people together through the power of art and culture. We coexist, see, communicate, and express ourselves within these spaces, collectively creating and embracing our "present moment."