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Application opens on 7/16

As an indie editorial and curatorial platform, we have spent the past two years exploring and embracing emerging waves in art and design, spotlighting creative practices that provoke change.

Through our diverse approaches—publications, narrative-focused curations, and virtual world productions—we collaborate with artists, curators, visionary practitioners, and organizers to carve out spaces beyond traditional institutions, spark dialogues, and envision radical futures.

As part of our 2024 Festival and two-year celebration, we’re inviting friends who have journeyed with us, as well as new friends—artists, visionary practitioners, storytellers, and world-builders who vibe with our vision. Join us for our virtual/hybrid festival to showcase your ideas, visions, past projects, or ongoing initiatives and connect with like-minded creatives in early October.


Event formats include:

Virtual Group Exhibition

Show your work in an immersive virtual world featuring artworks from cutting-edge artists, pushing the boundaries of digital and traditional media.

Short Film Screening

Submit your film for a curated short film selection on our website that explores critical themes and innovative storytelling, followed by a live / pre-recorded (if the timezone doesn't work) Q&A with the filmmakers, offering deeper insights into their creative process.

Talks & Panel Discussions

Share your works, insights, and expertise through keynote presentations (5-10 minutes) or participating in thought-provoking talks and panels.

Participatory Events/Workshops

Host a workshop or participatory event. Collaborate with fellow artists and enthusiasts in sessions designed to co-create, co-envision, or share skills.

Other (Ideas/Proposals Welcome)

We welcome your unique event ideas and proposals! Whether it's a virtual performance, a skillshare, or an experimental project, we're excited to explore new formats and concepts with you.

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