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Call for Submissions (DDL: Apr. 10)

Matrix of
the Not-Yet


In a world ruled by chaos and discord, where shadows play their cunning games, and our friends, allies, and loved ones grapple with despair and nihilism, we are called to envision the not-yet — "the contours of another world and another future" (T.J. Demos). It stands inconstant, a shifting blend of entropy and unpredictability, an echo of the unformed, and a playground for emergence. How might we embody the essence of all that is not yet there, yet inevitably on the cusp of becoming?

How to apply?

We welcome submissions across all mediums.

Scope of Works:
- Futuristic Art and Media
- Eco-Art and Sustainability
- Art as Activism
- Speculative Design and Critical Futures
- Community Organizing
- Workshops
- Art and Science
- Toolkits and Strategies

We are looking for contributions that challenge conventions, propose new understandings, and envision transformative futures. Your submission can take any form—visual, audio, written, digital, performative, or experimental—as long as it speaks to the themes outlined above.

Deadline for Submissions: 23:59 EST, April 10th, 2024 
No Submission Fee.

Having issues with the submission? Click here.

Exploring the Theme:

The Matrix: At the heart of our call is the exploration of a matrix that spans across Biological, Ecological, Spiritual, Cultural, Social, Technological, Historical, Political, and Philosophical dimensions. This matrix is a living, breathing web of connections and interdependencies, a space where different domains of life intersect and interact. It is the fertile ground from which the Not-Yet springs forth, offering a multidimensional canvas for creative and critical engagement.

The Not-Yet: The essence of the Not-Yet is captured in the dynamics of the entropic, the unpredictable, the fluctuating, and the shape-shifting. It is about the "contours of another world and another future" (T.J. Demos). It represents the not-even-there-but-yet-to-come, a juncture where past, present, and future converge in a dance of possibility. The Not-Yet is an invitation to navigate the unknown, to find clarity amidst the darkness and noise, and to forge solidarity and hope in the face of uncertainty.

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