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In A Mood For Love by Xiangyu Dong

What is intimacy? And what is an intimate relationship?

In A Mood for Love, by Xiangyu Dong, is a research project on intimate and romantic relationships. The work originated from the artist's first intimate relationship, which provokes him to explore, investigate and contemplate the notion of intimacy through photography.

The artist presents a romantic and life-like narrative through the ritualistic construction of portraits and still lives. "Romance, fidelity, and companionship, the three elements of a relationship, are dissolved in a poetic form in the details of a life made up of the environment, objects, and people.", said Xiangyu.

Through this series of photographs, Xiangyu retraces the emotional and behavioral patterns in relationships and attempts to find the origins of those patterns as a practice of healing from his traumatized experiences in the past.

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About Xiangyu Dong

Born in Anhui, China, Xiangyu grew up in a traditional Chinese family. He went to the U.S. in 2017 and got his bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts (media) from the University of California, San Diego. His photography practice started then. He is currently based in London and studying at the Royal College of Art.

His works have been exhibited at Adam D. Kamil Gallery, San Diego in 2020, Hefei

WIn a Mood for Love, by Xiangyu Dong, is an in-depth research project on 100 Impressions Group Exhibition in China and Every Where You Go Group Exhibition in London. He also won an honourable mention in the 2020's International Photography Award.


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