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UAAD Magazine's 2nd Volume: "Matrix of the Not-Yet" - A Rhizomatic Exploration of the Worlds-to-Come

UAAD Magazine's 2nd volume, "Matrix of the Not-Yet," will be launched on June 15 at This innovative publication, drawing inspiration from Deleuze and Guattari's concept of the rhizome, resists traditional hierarchical models, opting for a decentralized, non-linear web of visions for the future. This approach allows for a dynamic exploration of potentialities within various social, technological, cultural, and ecological intersections.

In etymology, the word "matrix" can be traced to the Old Latin word mātrīx ("womb") and its ancestor māter ("mother"). The connection between "matrix" and "womb" has been sustained, symbolically and metaphorically. Connected to its original meaning, the "matrix" is a metaphor for the complex internal environment with the potential of giving birth to new life. This link between the "matrix," "womb," and "newborn" was later combined into the realm of non-livings, forming its meaning of the rock bed of the "Not-Yet."

This volume will feature 20 groups of artists from across the globe. These contributions collectively challenge conventional practices, which often impose rigid, linear understandings of complex human and ecological relationships. Instead, we promote a mapping practice that captures the fluid potentialities of spaces and ideas, envisioning the "yet-to-come"—visions of possibilities emerging from the cracks of our current cultural and environmental contexts.

One of the highlights of this volume is our interactive map format, allowing users to engage with a 3D map, spot the artworks, and explore their interconnections. This decentralized approach provides multiple entry points for exploration, fostering a deeper understanding of the entangling web of ideas presented by the artists.

In this volume, we will also present interviews with the 20 featured artists. These dialogues are structured around a uniform set of questions, designed to weave a comprehensive matrix that elucidates the exhibition's central theme.

We invite you to explore this innovative publication and discover the groundbreaking work of the participating artists: Adam Bialek, Amy Yoshitsu, Andy DiLallo, Ben Gasta, Cao Shu, Cezar Mocan, Dion Nataraja, Ekaterina Golovko, Elena Aya Bundurakis, Huanzhe Hu, Ibuki Kuramochi, Ke Peng, Luca Lee, Margaret Noble, Marina Orlova, Mu Tuan, Nic Pehkonen, Rahul Juneja, Yiou Wang, and Zhou Zhou.

This project has been expertly curated and brought to life by editors Amy Xiaofan Jiang and Yinglun Mao, along with interaction designer Ziyu Zhang.

For more information, please visit our website at


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