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Aralia pt.2: Navigating through the dreamscape of Swedish woods in a 360° musical experience

The work consists of an interactive 360°music video for the composition of Aralia pt.2.

This musical craft, Aralia pt.2, was instantiated by composer Cassius Lambert and visual artist Blobb.TV. The music video reinterprets recorded soundscapes from the Swedish woods through a process called "sonic voicing". The piece was recorded by a 10-piece orchestra which mimics sounds from the forest.

Blobb.TV converted the immersiveness of the composition into an interactive 360 journey where the viewer can choose how they experience Aralia pt. 2 by freely moving around with their cursor or phone.

Cassius Lambert on the Cover, designed by Blobb.TV
Digital Album Cover, designed by Blobb.TV
Video still
Video still
Video still
Video still
Video still
Video still

The work took 1.5 years to complete and was hand modeled, painted, and animated by the artist Blobb.TV.


About Blobb.TV (Yuvia Maini)

Blobb.TV (b. 1996) is an Indian/Cuban/Norwegian/Swedish visual artist based in Stockholm. Educated in animation and coding at Konstfack and Hyper Island, Blobb.TV invites the viewer to compress the space between pixels and humans through playful interaction and self-examination. Her current work blends animation, color, and programming to expand traditional mediums of painting and video installation. She uses both participatory technologies and a touch of humor to critically examine contemporary behaviors.

About Cassius Lambert

Cassius Lambert (b. 1996) is an award-winning Swedish/Ethiopian composer and bass player. He recently gain recognition from the municipal of Malmö and the Swedish Arts Council for his deconstruction of minimalism through maximalism. He studied Composing at Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen.


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