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Somatic Spaces, A Video Art And Installation by Isabel Rodriguez Ramos

This project aims to create new awareness about the possible interactions and contami-

nations between humans and nature. Starting from the philosophical assumption – one of

the core values of the animist tradition – that the earth is animated and therefore endowed with spirit, “Somatic Spaces” presents itself as the opportunity to investigate the physical space of the body through the environment and vice versa, considering the inner soul and the outer earth united by osmosis. “Somatic Spaces” blossoms from the collaboration of the visual artist and performer Isabel Rodriguez Ramos and the sound artist and songwriter Rossana De Pace. It consists of field research, both performative and audiovisual, carried out in natural territories of the world with always different inputs. Believing in the internationality of art, the Italian artistic duo would like to broaden the perspectives of this project by organizing live performances within the future artistic residencies they will take part.

SOMATIC SPACES ACT I. Maremma National Park, Tuscany, Italy, 2021; video and performance by Isabel Rodriguez Ramos; sound art by Rossana De Pace.

“Somatic Spaces” is in all respects a “work in progress” and, to be developed in its following acts, it needs funding and support. Isabel and Rossana are committed to revolving around the original concept and declining it in new environments, in order to enhance the wild territories around the world.

SOMATIC SPACES ACT I. Video Still, 2021
SOMATIC SPACES ACT I. Video Still, 2021
SOMATIC SPACES ACT I. Video Still, 2021
SOMATIC SPACES ACT I. Video Still, 2021
SOMATIC SPACES ACT I. Video Still, 2021

The conclusion of the project will be celebrated with a feature movie made up of shots of all the acts realized, and the final purpose is to show it in all those territories that allowed “Somatic Spaces” to grow and take shape.


About Isabel Rodriguez Ramos

Isabel Rodriguez Ramos (Turin, Italy, 1997) is an Italo-Cuban visual artist and performer based in Italy. Tuning into philosophy, theatre, and literature, she investigates the mystery of the human body as a space of confrontation and sharing of the human inner world. Her artistic research is grounding yet ethereal, constantly inspired by the Intangible and fascinated by the manipulation of organic matter. The interdependence between humans and nature is a recurrent theme in her artistic journey. Inspired by the principles of therapeutic art and eco-therapy, her visual and performative research wants to encourage self-expression through the poetics of the body in a creative and non-judgmental environment.


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